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Dyna-Glo Gas Forced Air Heaters are the perfect solution for quick and efficient heating of large, ventilated spaces, such as constructions sites, auto shops and much more.

Dyna-Glo Gas Forced Air Heaters come in various sizes to meet your exact requirements for heating solutions. The smaller, compact 40k BTU Forced air heater is capable of heating up areas up to 1,000sq ft. Whilst the largest model with 300k BTU power can heat up an amazing 7,000 sq ft.

These units are easily portable with construction grade carrying handle, built to industrial-grade specifications

With these forced air heaters you can adjust the angels for custom output and offer multiple heat settings

These Gas Forced Air Heaters come standard with auto safety shut-off when there’s overheating, or a loss in power or flame.

These heaters require a standard 120-volt outlet
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